I have not the wit, like to be embroil'd with juftice.


Molière. The cheats of Scapin.


We are located in the heart of the historic centre of Lille, close to the High Court and just under an hour from Paris.


The location of our law firm underscores our philosophy: develop a confidential relationship with our clients together with the confidence and experience of lawyers who can intervene in all legal jurisdictions nationally.


General, economic, financial, transportation criminal law… we intervene in all areas of criminal law and accompany our clients every step along the way…


Throughout the process we advise and help our clients who are victims of crimes

JD Avocats Associés - 20 rue de Metz - 59000 Lille.

Par tél : 03 28 14 43 10

Par fax : 03 28 14 43 11

Par mail : secretariat@jd-avocats.fr

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